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How To Obtain Approval Letter Of Gots Chemical Inputs?

Step 1: Upload the complete application for gots approval;

The second Step 2 is to inform you of the cost of your account;

Step 3: We check the excel draft sheet, MSDS / SDS and other relevant information provided;

Step 4: Issue the approval form for final review, and etko approves or rejects the product. A member of the assessment team will inform you of the assessment results;

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Key Points

Application Stage: Please prepare a separate set of mandatory documents for each product, including follow-up documents:
MSDS or SDS (PDF); prepared according to one of the following specifications
ANSI z400.1 - 2004
ISO 11014 - 1
EC 1907 / 2006
EC 2001 / 58
Global coordination system
JIS Z 253:2012
Please note that SDS is the basis of evaluation. Therefore, it should be carefully prepared by competent people. Please make sure that the latest version of SDS (in English) will be provided to your customers (in national language (s)) free of charge on paper or electronically no later than the date when your product is first provided to your customers.
Technical information, including suggestions on how to use your product (PDF)
Genetically modified starch / enzyme / non oil based products
IMO excel evaluation file (F018 (GT) v05en - input evaluation file - gots V5) the file should at least contain the following product attributes:
The file should contain at least the following product attributes (click)
Further information on the assessment:
Analysis and test report of unwanted impurities / raw materials / restricted substances in final textile products analyzed by independent laboratory
Certificate of component analysis (COA)
Analysis report of genetically modified organisms in raw materials (PCR)
Calculation of toxicity value or other relevant information
Registration of ingredient / substance information according to reach (or similar legally binding system)
If your supplier has approved your product before, invoice / bill of lading
if there is no further information at the time of application, we will inform you during the evaluation whether and what information should be provided to complete the evaluation. Please note that I am afraid of probitedi during the process of executing a new animal test to determine the unknown LD50 value to evaluate the program input, so we actively ask you not to assign any new gots approval animal test purpose.
Residue limits for restricted substances
in order to avoid exceeding the "residue limits for organic textiles" (see 2.4.15 in Chapter 4.0), although all dyes and auxiliaries are selected from the official letter approval, please note that, "Inputs are also not allowed if there is verification of their specified use resulting in any excess of the residual limit of textiles 2.4.15" in Chapter 2.3.1 of the manual chapter of the standard.
in order to avoid residue detection and support your customers in producing certified organic textiles, we require you to specify and exclude any separate process from the product's gots approval range if the process may result in exceeding a limit. In other words, if the application for approved products does not meet the requirements of gots, you need to limit the scope of approval.
this does not mean that the product will be rejected under any circumstances. Instead, a special footnote or comment (see the footnote of IMO approval) is added as the information. In addition, we will ask you to prepare the corresponding product technical information. With this limitation, we intend to support users to select products suitable for a certain process, and inform them to use the products under standard application conditions, so as to avoid residues on the final textiles.

Evaluation phase: There is no deadline for the evaluation process, but it is best to keep the evaluation on time. We will send an email to remind you of the assessment status in case you don't receive the requested message or reply. As long as you are willing to continue the evaluation, but need more time to collect data or remaining information, the product will continue to be evaluated. If no reply is received after three reminders, we have the right to inform you that the product is rejected.

Approval stage: After the final review, we approve or reject the product. Members of the assessment team will inform you of the assessment results.
A letter of approval will be sent to you by email, which you can provide to your (potential) customers.

Cycle time: Members of the evaluation team will reply to the results of your first evaluation 4 weeks after the application is uploaded to the system and the invoice is paid. Please note that sometimes there may be longer waiting times due to peak demand. In this case, the applications will be processed in the chronological order in which they were submitted (payment receipt and "completed application"). Please note that missing information will delay the processing of your application.

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