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Environmental Monitoring

With the development of economy, environmental problems occur frequently. Industrial waste water, land desertification, domestic garbage, industrial waste gas, acid rain, crude oil leakage, noise and radioactive pollution damage the ecological environment system, and even threaten the food supply, living environment and the normal survival and development of human beings. Environmental monitoring is the eye of environmental protection. Epsey, with its experienced professional technicians and advanced testing equipment, provides you with reliable and one-stop environmental testing service. The testing data are accurate and reliable, and has the legal effect recognized by the state.

Apcert has set up professional environmental testing laboratories covering five major fields of environmental testing (air, water quality, noise, soil and solid waste), providing customers with services such as environmental monitoring of iso45001 system, environmental impact assessment, indoor air environmental monitoring, environmental acceptance monitoring of construction projects, and health testing and evaluation of public places.

Scope Of Service

Water Quality Inspection

Ambient Air And Industrial Waste Gas Detection

Oil And Gas Recovery Detection

Health Inspection In Public Places

Noise Detection

Radiation Detection

Investigation Of Soil, Sediment And Pollution Sources

School Health Inspection

Testing Of Fertilizer Products

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