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Consumer Goods Testing

As the foundation of the market system, consumer goods market involves individuals of the whole society. In today's era of global economy and consumption change, the competition of consumer goods market is increasingly fierce, and opportunities and challenges coexist. On the one hand, in the new situation of consumption upgrading, people's consumption level continues to improve, and the market economy of consumer goods continues to grow, but the previous consumption structure and service supply can no longer meet the quality and personalized needs of consumers; on the other hand, with the more open environment of trade liberalization, technical barriers to trade are also constantly developing, and the technical requirements, standard requirements and packaging equipment of various countries are also increasing With the rapid and more stringent requirements for export, it is more difficult to export.

Apcert can provide you with professional consumer goods testing services, covering toys and children's products, shoes and leather, jewelry and accessories, food contact materials, light industrial products, electronic and electrical products, covering all aspects of people's lives. It can provide one-stop safety and compliance solutions for brands, manufacturers and retailers according to the requirements of different national regulations and buyers, minimize the risk of trade friction and protect the interests of manufacturers and consumers according to the specified tests, and ensure that your products meet the increasing quality requirements of national regulations and end consumers.

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